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Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) (formerly called Waiver services) are offered as a Medicaid Program through the Department of Human Services.  Home and Community Based Services are offered to individuals with special needs who need support.  Each individual on the Waiver must be eligible for Medicaid and must also meet the requirements for their specific Waiver.  The state of Iowa currently has seven HCBS Waivers.  Opportunities Unlimited provides services under the following waivers:

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For more information on Home and Community Based Services in Iowa, please visit the Iowa Department of Human Services website at: www.ime.state.ia.us.

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Important Contacts:

Opportunities Unlimited: 712-277-8295
DHS in Woodbury County: 712-255-0833
Plymouth & Sioux Counties: 712-737-2943
Woodbury County Case Management: 712-279-6018
Siouxland Mental Health: 712-202-0173